How to Obtain a Marriage License

Persons wishing to obtain a Marriage License must be at least eighteen years old and file their intentions* to marry with a City or Town Clerk in person, both Parties (except for cases where one person is in the military or incarcerated) must come into the office at least three days before the ceremony and have a valid photo ID.
In Townsend, the cost of the intentions and  license is $25.00, which includes a copy of the marriage certificate after the ceremony. The license is valid for sixty days, and may be used for a ceremony conducted in any Massachusetts city or town. The member of the clergy or Justice of the Peace who performs the ceremony must sign the license and return it to the city or town where it was issued.
  • *Intentions: This is all the information that we need to put on the marriage license. Some Examples are: Name, Address, Maiden Name, Parents names, etc.
  • Special Designation: One Day Solemnizer. Any one can become a one day solemnizer special designation for the day by contacting the state. A Justice of the Peace, Minister, Priest... must also apply for a one day solemnizer Special Designation when they are to marry someone from out of the state that they are licensed in.

For a list of other Justices of the Peace, call the Secretary of State's Commissions Section at (617) 727-2836.

For additional information, please call the Townsend Town Clerk at 978-597-1704