Townsend Housing Authority

The THA does not own any properties for sale or rent.

The THA is looking for your help!

The Townsend Housing Authority (THA) is looking for a Townsend resident volunteer to be trained to run the audio/video recording equipment used to video tape THA open meetings.  This important position will assist the authority in our mission to be completely transparent to the citizens of Townsend with all THA business and future projects. Interested persons are cordially invited to click on the Volunteer Form link below to complete and submit to the Town Clerk for processing. All submissions will be reviewed and carefully considered by the THA. Because this need is urgent, your swiftness to apply is requested. Please note our meetings are generally held on Monday evenings an average of once a month. We will notify all applicants of our decision by either phone or e-mail.

>You can find a volunteer response form here!<

The mission of the Townsend Housing Authority is:

"To promote, maintain and provide housing opportunities for income groups who could not otherwise afford to live here."

We are a five person board made up of 3 elected positions, 1 appointed tenant position, and 1 State Appointed position.

Staff Contacts

THA Members

Laura Shifrin



Susan Congdon



Kevin Smith

General Member


BetteAnn Coleman

Tenant Member


State Representative