• Can be made in person at the Tax Collector's Office,  OR 
  • Paid Online (MUST include; Account (Bill) #and FISCAL YEAR) OR
  • by Postal Mail
Effective July 01, 2014/Fiscal Year 2015 - Payment mailing address forr lockbox service:
Town of Townsend - Tax Collector, PO Box 873, Reading MA 01867-0407
Please mail payments using the pre-printed return envelopes included with your bill
Please DO NOT send Water bill payments in Tax payment lockbox encoded envelopes & vice-versa.
Please use separate payment check for each individual payment coupon
E-bill payment checks - Please NOTE
  • Use Account Reference field for Account (Bill) # 
  • Use Memo field & state the Fiscal Year you are paying along with one of the following:  
  • Real Estate: Parcel ID; Map-Block-Lot
  • Personal Property: Parcel ID #
  • Excise: Registration/Plate #    
There may be a delay in processing check payments from your bank account e-bill payment system as the payment isusually mailed as a paper check in bulk and are "rejected" from the Lockbox service as they must be posted manually & individually.

Payment Lockbox service has been implemented so that there is NO delay in the deposit of the payment check. Payments are deposited the day they are received at the processing center. This will expedite the task of opening and sorting mail, scanning, and ensuring payment totals match. The Collector's Office will still do the actual posting of payments to your account effctive the date of receipt. Payments & questions re: payments will continue to be accepted/handled in person at the Collector's Office in Memorial Town Hall.